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Jai Hanuman! Eternal Place for the devotees of Lord Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman

Welcome to the Eternal Place for the devotees of Ram Bhakt Hanuman. Hanuman is known for his courage, strength and ultimate devotion to Shri Rama. At the same time, he is really intelligent, a great yogi and a brahmachari. He is one of the most worshipped gods in the Sanatana Dharma and is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Hanuman, one of the revered chiranjivis or immortals, embodies the essence of “Sankat Mochan” – the dispeller of obstacles. His luminance of knowledge pierces through the darkness of ignorance.

In the grand tapestry of the Ramayana, Hanuman stands as an indispensable figure alongside Lord Rama, Mother Sita, and Lakshmana. It was Hanuman who orchestrated the pivotal moments, aiding Rama in locating Sita, engineering a monumental bridge across the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean, and securing the life-restoring Sanjeevani herb for Lakshmana.

With unmatched valor, he vanquished the formidable demon king, Ravana. Even after Rama’s triumphant return to Ayodhya, Hanuman’s unwavering devotion remained unyielding. His vigilant presence endures on Earth, an ever-watchful guardian of Lord Rama’s devoted disciples


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Read and learn about Lord “Hanuman”, the greatest devotee of Lord Shri Ram. Learn about the various names of Hanuman and how he got them. Learn about the power, strength and glory of Hanuman Ji. Learn about the mighty adventures of Hanuman and how he helped Lord Rama win the war againt Ravana, the evil demon king of Lanka. Read about how he came to be known as Sankat Mochan (the remover of obstacles).

Learn about the birth of Hanuman and how he got his powers. Learn about his naughty adventures as a child, how he ate the sun and started playing with Airavat (Lord Indra’s vehicle) considering it to be a toy. Learn about the lesser known facts about Hanuman like he had a son named Makardhwaja.

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Worship Lord Hanuman! This website provides different methods of worshipping the almighty Lord Hanuman. He who meditates on him and repeats his name attains power,strength, glory, prosperity and success in life. Those who are true believers and followers of the monkey god and worship Hanuman from their inner heart are blessed by him and he saves them when they land up in situations of great peril.

This section provides different worship methods – Aartis, Chalisas and Maha Mantras of Lord Hanuman. You will find the process and the reason behind Tuesday and Saturday fast dedicated to him. Learn the method and usefulness of the Maha Mantra of Lord Hanuman .

Read and listen the Hanuman mantra which is also known as the “Hanuman Chalisa”. Reading the Hanuman Chalisa every day and making the reading and chanting of the Hanuman mantra a daily routine drives away all evil from both the inside and the outside of a person and helps him live a happy and prosperous life.

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