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Shree Hanuman Chalisa Ringtones – Hanuman Ashtak

Hanuman Ashtak – Konso Sankat Mohe Garib Ko Ringtone | Sankat Mochan | Devotional | Hanuman Ringtone. Download Hanuman Chalisa Ringtone submitted by Sung A Chin in Devotional ringtones category

Shree Hanuman Chalisa Ringtones and Hanuman Ashtak are two of the most popular and revered musical compositions in Hinduism. They pay homage to Lord Hanuman, one of the most beloved deities in the Hindu pantheon.

Hanuman, often referred to as Bajrangbali or Maruti, is celebrated for his unwavering devotion to Lord Rama and his incredible strength and courage. Shree Hanuman Chalisa and Hanuman Ashtak hold a special place in the hearts of millions of devotees around the world.

Shree Hanuman Chalisa Ringtones – Hanuman Ashtak

Track Artists Duration
Baal Samay Ravi Bhaksh Liyo- Sankatmochan Hanumanastak Ringtone Roop Kumar Rathod 06:14
Shree Guru Charan Saroj Raj- Hanuman Chalisa Ringtone Roop Kumar Rathod 09:02
Charan Sharan Ke Dharu Tihara Dhyan Ringtone Roop Kumar Rathod 02:18
Jai Shri Hanuman- Shree Hanumat Stavan Ringtone Roop Kumar Rathod 06:08
Mangal Murti Ramdulare Ringtone Roop Kumar Rathod 04:14
Laal Deh Laali Lasai- Aarti Ringtone Roop Kumar Rathod 04:38
Nishchay Prem Pratit Te- Bajrang Baan Ringtone Roop Kumar Rathod 07:16
Pranavau Pawan Kumar- Shree Hanumat Stavan Ringtone Roop Kumar Rathod 05:06
Vegi Haro Hanuman Mahaprabhu- Sankatmochan Hanumanastak Ringtone Roop Kumar Rathod 03:58


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Shree Hanuman Chalisa is a 40-verse devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It is composed by the great saint and poet Tulsidas in the 16th century in Awadhi language. The word “Chalisa” means forty, and the hymn is so named because it consists of forty verses. These verses narrate the glories and virtues of Hanuman and describe his various divine qualities.

The Shree Hanuman Chalisa is not only a lyrical masterpiece but also a powerful mantra that invokes the blessings of Hanuman. Many believe that reciting or listening to the Chalisa can bring courage, strength, and protection from negative forces. It is a common practice among Hindus to recite the Hanuman Chalisa daily or on Tuesdays and Saturdays, which are considered auspicious days for Hanuman worship.

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